Little creatures for 
a more sustainable world


Our Mission

      We believe that insect-based ingredients are a natural & sustainable alternative source of nutrition to develop the feed & food of tomorrow


    Dooda is shaping tomorrow's agriculture to establish a new balanced ecosystem with insects-based products. A better world is one where we meet our present needs without altering our resources for the future. This requires a more mutual & circular vision of the Economy.

A Tunisian farmer showing dry land in Kairouan, in Tunisia, in October 2021. ANIS MILI / AFP

Climate Action

In order to meet the global food demand and in particular proteins need, using our traditional farming approach means more pollution, more water use, more land use and more harm to our ecosystem.

No need to say it’s urgent to act!

Today, 14% of CO2 emissions come from agriculture and 80% of agriculture land is used for livestock production. By 2025, more than 2 Billion people will live in water stress.



Food Security

To feed everyone on the planet by 2050, food production must increase by 70%. Currently 1/3 of globally produced food is wasted or not consumed, while more than 10% of the world population suffer from malnutrition & hunger.

Existing solutions are not acceptable, they mostly lead to more greehouse gas emission, more water & land consumption and less biodiversity. This is not sustainable. 

Today, 2 billion people are already eating insects around the world, and we believe it might be a solution.

Through relentless innovation, Dooda is tackling part of the UN sustainable development goals.

How do we do that?


A better world is not possible without rethinking and reinventing our ways of living. We would like to explore as many options as possible and keep pushing the boundaries to improve our society



A better world is one where we meet our present needs without altering our resources for the future. This requires a more mutual and circular vision of the Economy.



We dream of a better world and we believe that we are all, together, accountable to take action. We want our company to control the impact it has on the environment & on society


Our Products

Molitor Mix

Dehydrated-insects mix with/without adding seasonal and natural ingredients 
For poultry, birds or exotic pets


          Defatted or wholemeal flour          A high quality protein ingredient used to feed fish, poultry and in petfood


Natural fertilizer made from Tenebrio frass and organic waste, used to enhance and remineralize soil.

Our Team


Our passion for agriculture combined with our willingness to act for better, brought us together to start up this project. The three of us were born and raised in Tunisia, witnessing a weak economy and a growing pressure of resources scarcity. After 10 years spent travelling the world and working for various companies, we believe that Dooda is the right place for us to put together our different experiences to disrupt the way agriculture production works and contribute to better lives in Tunisia and elsewhere.

Our Partners

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